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We are a team of four Psychotherapists offering care from our office on Avenue Road. We help support people of all walks and experiences with things like anxiety, depression, addictions and relationship challenges. 


Your therapist will act as a compassionate and neutral observer, who’s role is to accompany you on your healing journey.

Therapy offers a safe and unbiased space to explore your challenges and express yourself authentically.

Your therapist will work alongside you as you uncover and heal through anything which may be limiting you in reaching your highest potential. 


Your therapy session is your time to prioritize your mental health and emotional needs.

Life can be hectic; It can be difficult to fit proper self-care into your busy schedule.

Early morning, Evening, and Weekend appointments are available with your therapist so that your wellness does not take a back seat to your busy schedule.


Psychotherapy has been recognized as a beneficial resource for mental and emotional health by both the medical community as well as insurance companies.

A growing number of Employee and Extended Health Insurance providers now cover Psychotherapy Services.

If you have more questions regarding how you can be covered for therapy, please visit the Registered Psychotherapists Insurance Committee website for more information. 


Guided Resources

Work through professionally designed resources at your own pace. Receive guidance throughout via in-person sessions or group settings.

Text and Email Support

Receive therapeutic support from one of our professionals via text message, phone conversation. or email supportive therapy. Text or leave a message at (647)464 2091

Providing Counselling and Support for:

Stress & Anxiety

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When one is experiencing anxiety, one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours can feel out of control and out of balance. Anxiety can have crippling effects on the individual and may interfere with many areas of day to day life, including job performance and relationships. When anxiety is left unaddressed, it may lead to more severe emotional and physical issues. Having access to tools and techniques which help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety can help to significantly reduce stress levels and increase overall mental and physical wellness.


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There are a number of reasons an individual may suffer from feelings of sadness or depression. Some of these circumstances are temporary and will pass on their own. Sometimes, however, low moods and depressive thoughts and feelings become problematic as they present significant challenges in a person’s life and interfere with their ability to function. Finding the right support from friends, family, and professionals can be crucial in overcoming depressive episodes.


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Addictive tendencies can become problematic when a behaviour or substance which was once enjoyable or occasional becomes necessary for an individual to function. When the negative effects of any behaviour begins to interfere with job performance, relationships, finances, or health, it may be time to seek support with addiction. Compassion and understanding are important components to healing shameful feelings associated with many addictions, as this shame often perpetuates these behaviours. Working through relevant experiences, emotions, thoughts and beliefs which may be factors in addiction can help reduce the need for the distraction or escape that many addictions often provide.

Grief, Loss & Bereavement

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Grief is a natural response to any loss or significant change. Throughout the span of an individuals life, some of these losses may be more painful and difficult to manage than others. Grief, of any kind, can involve complicated emotions which need to be explored and moved through in order to allow the person to integrate the old with the new. When Grief and Loss become overwhelming, it is important to tend to these feelings with the support of trusted friends and professionals


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Every given day a teacher is responsible for the academic, social, emotional, and physical development and well-being of their students. In addition, administrative and extra curricular responsibilities are necessary components of ensuring students receive the very best education possible. When the expectations and pressures of such an important job weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of dedicated educators, personal support can be a useful and beneficial resource to maintain balance and reduce the risk of burn-out.


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For a number of reasons, developing years can be a difficult time for many young people. Bullying, body image, peer groups, academics, emotional and physical changes, family issues, sexual identity, are just some examples of the challenges young people today might be experiencing. While parents, teachers, and friends all serve key functions in a youth’s development, access to professional support can offer the young person a safe space to explore confusing or difficult thoughts and feelings.



At North York Counselling services, we work to offer professional support to any individual or group seeking assistance during challenging times. We aim to create greater accessibility of education, psychotherapy and counselling services to those in need of support.

Our client centered approach to therapy offers individuals a safe space to heal through traumas and work through distressing thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We are passionate about supporting individuals realize more peace in their lives and actualize their greatest potential.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Jung

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

We work on ourselves as an offering to all beings.

Ram Dass

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a therapeutic intervention where talk and experiential techniques are used to aid individuals in understanding themselves more deeply while working through any number of specific challenges.

Is Psychotherapy covered by insurance?

Some insurance companies are beginning to include Psychotherapy under more advanced benefit plans.

If your insurance company does not currently cover psychotherapy, please visit the Registered Psychotherapists Insurance Committee for more information.


Who is a candidate for therapy?

Any person who feels as though they would benefit from speaking with a professional is a candidate for therapy.  If you are experiencing difficulties dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, life transitions, or any number of challenges, finding a professional to work with might be the right choice for you.

How do you choose a therapist?

There are a number of ways an individual might find a therapist.  Searching online will undoubtedly present a number of viable options. Referrals from medical professionals or friends are often useful when beginning a search for the right therapist.

While there are many factors you may want to consider, such as convenience, education, approach, etc., the most important consideration is how comfortable you feel with your therapist.  Following your instincts might be the most helpful tool in finding the right fit for you.

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