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North York Counselling understands the importance of a present, non-judgemental, and supportive therapist who works with you to help you achieve your emotional and interpersonal goals.

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Sometimes our worlds can feel quite complicated; and, often times that confusion is compounded by feelings of isolation and aloneness.  Working with a caring and professional therapist or counsellor can provide the neutral but supportive space to explore one’s own circumstances and perspectives – encouraging real change from the inside out, that one can take pride in.

A genuine connection with a professional  can provide emotional support while an individual works with practical tools and therapeutic resources which support healing and personal growth.  

At North York Counselling Services, individuals can explore their challenges with a qualified and compassionate therapist. 

Find support through –

Traumatic Experiences

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Any adversity can leave an impact on our subconscious minds which can can cause wounding.  These woundings, or traumas, can damage our emotional development and create difficulties in our day to day lives. 

Whether a traumatic experience occurred in an individuals life in the distant past, or is recent situation, these events impact the very core of a person. 

The negative effects of these experiences can often be lessened with the appropriate respect, space and attention.  

Loss and Bereavement

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Grief is a natural response to any loss or significant change. Throughout the span of an individuals life, some of these losses may be more painful than others. Grief, of any kind, can involve complicated emotions which need to be explored and moved through in order to integrate the old with the new. When Grief and Loss become overwhelming, it is important to tend to these feelings with the support of trusted friends and professional.


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When one is experiencing anxiety, one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours can feel out of control and out of balance. Anxiety can have crippling effects on the individual and may interfere with many areas of day to day life, including job performance and relationships. When anxiety is left unaddressed, it may lead to more severe emotional and physical issues. Having access to tools and techniques which help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety can help to significantly reduce stress levels and increase wellness.


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There are a number of reasons an individual may suffer from feelings of sadness or depression. Some of these circumstances are temporary and will pass on their own. Sometimes, however, low moods and depressive thoughts and feelings become problematic as they present significant challenges in a person’s life and interfere with their ability to function. Finding the right support from friends, family, and professionals can be crucial in overcoming depressive episodes.

Relationship Issues

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Our interpersonal lives can be a source of difficulty and tension at different times.  The dynamics of our relationships often involve a complex interaction of different factors in our lives, including pattens and learned behaviours that may or may not be conscious.

Working with a professional through issues in personal relationships can create the perspective necessary to better manage challenging interactions with the people in our lives. 


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Mindful awareness of thoughts, emotions, and experiences can be an effective approach to working through challenging circumstances. Learning practical tools and personal applications of these strategies in daily life can be integral in finding and maintaining internal balance.

About Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy

Throughout the day we may find ourselves caught up in what needs to be done for those people we are responsible for.  We are often focused on what our bosses, family members, children, spouses, and friends, need from us.  It can be easy to go long periods of time without very much regard for ourselves, if any at all. 

There will be times when focusing on external relationships and circumstances works well, and may even be necessary. Other times, however, a situation may arise that requires that our attention be shifted onto our own feelings and experiences.  



 Using counselling and psychotherapy as tools in self-discovery and self-improvement can be a very rewarding process. Dedicating the time and energy needed to allow one’s self to heal through old wounds and present day challenges can be transformative. When one shifts their focus from the external to the internal, there can be meaningful changes in an individual’s life.   

While working through painful emotions can be challenging at times, connecting with a professional through individual therapy can be a worthwhile investment in one’s own mental health and well being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a therapeutic intervention where talk and experiential techniques are used to aid individuals in understanding themselves more deeply while working through any number of specific challenges.

Is Psychotherapy covered by insurance?

Some insurance companies are beginning to include Psychotherapy under more extended benefit plans.

If your insurance company does not currently cover psychotherapy, please visit the Registered Psychotherapists Insurance Committee for more information.


Who is a candidate for therapy?

Any person who feels as though they would benefit from speaking with a professional is a candidate for therapy.  If you are experiencing difficulties dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, life transitions, or any number of challenges, finding a professional to work with might be the right choice for you.

How do you choose a therapist?

There are a number of ways an individual might find a therapist.  Searching online will undoubtedly present a number of viable options. Referrals from medical professionals or friends are often useful when beginning a search for the right therapist.

While there are many factors you may want to consider, such as convenience, education, approach, etc., the most important consideration is how comfortable you feel with your therapist.  Following your instincts might be the most helpful tool in finding the right fit for you. 

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