Why is mental health such a popular topic these days?

Simple. Because it needs to be.

Too many people still suffer with mental illness and emotional distress silently and alone. They fear being criticized and judged.

People often feel weak, ashamed, and as though there is something fundamentally wrong with them. This stops them from reaching out for the help they desperately need.

Initiatives like #BellLetsTalk are so helpful in promoting the importance of having open conversation around mental health.

Talking about our thoughts and feelings can be the crucial first step in realizing you might benefit from seeking professional support. 

We have put together this short quiz to help you determine whether you or someone you know might benefit from professional support.

1) I am often emotionally triggered easily.

2) Distressing thoughts or feelings interfere with my relationships.

3) Disturbing thoughts or feelings interfere with my ability to function in my daily life.

4) Lack of confidence is affecting one or more areas of my life.

5) I feel more hopeless than hopeful.

6) I feel lonely but do not have anyone to speak to about my problems.

7) I feel that I might have a problem with an addiction, but I do not know where to get help with it.

8) I feel no one understands how I’m feeling.

9) I have negative thoughts or feelings about my appearance.

10) I criticize myself or others often.

11) I struggle to keep my emotions in check.

12) People around me have expressed concern for me.

13) I find it difficult to concentrate because I am distracted by everything I have on my mind.

14) I have trouble making time for myself.

15) I have trouble with saying ‘no’ to those around me.

16) I feel angry or resentful more often than I would like to.

17) I am stressed with my circumstances but do not know how to feel more relaxed.

18) Sometimes I act in ways that I do not like, but feel I cannot control my behaviour.

19) I am struggling to keep up with the expectations of me.

20) I do not feel heard or understood by family or friends.

21) I have trouble moving on from the past.

If you or someone you know agree with a number of the above statements, you may benefit from support for your mental health and well-Being.

Are you unsure where to start? Ask friends, coworkers, and other health-care professionals for resources in your area and referrals.

Look to the commonly asked questions of others for guidance, or book a consultation with a professional of your choice to get more information.

Please be sure to be compassionate with yourself as you begin your journey.