Andrea Fiorini

Andrea Fiorini

Psychotherapist (Q)

I work with a client centered approach to the therapeutic relationship as I believe each individual inherently knows best about their innermost needs. I aim to offer a safe space to explore, process and integrate challenging experiences, limiting beliefs, and emotions.

1668 Avenue Road

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North York Counselling and Psychotherapy Services offers a variety of therapeutic counselling and educational services aimed at supporting individuals and teams in the Greater Toronto Area with a diversity of wellness needs.

North York Counselling Services serves clients with wide ranging needs including support with anxiety and depression, grief and loss, healing and mindfulness, and teacher wellness.

Therapy & Counselling

Offers a variety of therapeutic, counselling, and educational services aimed at supporting individuals and teams with a diversity of wellness needs.

Where does your money go?

A Simple Split

A portion of the cost of each appointment is donated back to the community in the form of volunteer hours, discounted support services, and used for professional development of counsellors and therapists at North York Counselling Services.  

 Is money stopping you from getting help ?

I believe that everyone deserves access to psychological and emotional support in times of need.  Our services are offered at a sliding scale rate for those seeking support in the Toronto and North York areas.  If you or someone you know are in need, please reach out to ask a question or book an appointment.

Are you a Counsellor or Therapist?

I am always looking for opportunities to evolve as a practitioner.  I understand the value of working with other practitioners as a team, supporting each other as we evolve personally and professionally. Through North York Counselling Services, I am committed to creating healing spaces that encourage and support individuals as they journey towards their greatest potential and fullest lives. 

My Passion is to Support . . .

  • Community members needing discounted services
  • Individuals in need of emotional support
  • Teacher Wellness and Training
  • Students and Youth

Need Help? I offer

  • Counselling Services
  • Psychotherapy Services
  • Referrals and Resources
  • Group Support and Training

Working With Individuals, Youth, Teachers & Groups

Individual Therapy

Receive one on one professional therapeutic support in person or via text, call, or email support.

Youth Counselling

Experience the benefits of a positive relationship with a professional for yourself; or, find a counsellor for a young person in your life.

Teacher & Group Support

Receive personal one on one support, or participate in educational training and group workshops.

Make your own recovery the first priority of you life.

Robin Norwood


In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

We work on ourselves as an offering to all beings.

Ram Dass

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