Being with Now 

An 8 Week Mindful Journey Towards a Deeper Relationship With the Self

Facilitated by Andrea Fiorini

8 Live Interactive Video Sessions

2 hour classes

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Learn mindfulness tools and applications to help you find a more peaceful experience of the self

Access to 16+ hours of comprehensive theory and resources

Apply what you learn in a meaningful way in a group setting

Connect in a compassionate space, and intimate group setting; offering the permission to be exactly who and where you are in the moment

Join our group and get motivated to keep you feeling motivated and encouraged so you can stay on track with your mindfulness goals

Week 1 | Being With Ourselves - Introduction and Foundational Work

In the first class of this series, we will come together and connect with our space.  We will cover foundational skills of mindfulness practice, and begin the journey of anchoring with the breath and being present with our bodies.

Week 2 | Checking In - A Holistic Practice in Self Awareness

As we learn to Check In, we will learn skills to check in with the body/mind experience.  We will learn to identify and attend to the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. 

Week 3 | Being With What Is - Knowing Yourself Through Compassion

In this class, we will learn to meet and allow what is.  We will identify the critical voice that lives inside us all, and move towards non-judgement & acceptance.

Week 4 | Mindfulness Embodied - Practice and Apply

.As we practice embodying mindfulness, we will practice tuning into the body/mind experience. We will use the practice of present moment awareness to shift states of mind/being. 

Week 5 | Being With Challenging Emotions- Embracing it All

As we continue to build on skills from previous classes, we will learn to sit with uncomfortable emotions and experience the transformative power of allowing what is.

Week 6 | Being With Stress and Anxiety - Recognize and Release

In this class, we will work to recognize the true nature of stress and anxiety. We will practice using mindfulness strategies to shift anxious thoughts/feelings in order to create space for more balance.

Week 7 | Ourselves With Others - Self -Awareness in Relationships

In the 7th class, we will work with the understanding that our relationship with ourselves is at the foundation of every interaction.  We will learn how to identify and attend to emotional triggers, so that we can be more mindful in our relationships. 

Week 8 | Being with Compassion- Self Care and Maintenance

 In our final class, we will allow time and energy for reflection on what we’ve learned; with a focus on next steps and the maintenance of a mindful self-care practice.