Counselling for Couples

Relationships can be challenging.  Whether you are in need of support with particular relationship issues; or looking to maintain the health of your relationship, couples counselling may be right for you and your special someone. 

Emotion- Focused Couples Therapy

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy

Emotion focused therapy works to assist clients understand their attachment bonds and emotional responses.  Once less effective or destructive patterns are identified and addressed,  thearpist and couple will work together to move towards healthier communication and more secure interactions between partners.

Couples Counselling

Whether you and your partner are currently experiencing issues, or simply want to ensure that you maintain a healthy relationship – couples counselling might be right for you.  Couples counselling provides the opportunity for personal reflection and open & honest communication with your partner while working with a trained and unbiased professional to reach your individual and relationship goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a therapeutic intervention where talk and experiential techniques are used to aid individuals in understanding themselves more deeply while working through any number of specific challenges.

Is Psychotherapy covered by insurance?

Some insurance companies are beginning to include Psychotherapy under more advanced benefit plans.

If your insurance company does not currently cover psychotherapy, please visit the Registered Psychotherapists Insurance Committee for more information.


Who is a candidate for therapy?

Any person who feels as though they would benefit from speaking with a professional is a candidate for therapy.  If you are experiencing difficulties dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, life transitions, or any number of challenges, finding a professional to work with might be the right choice for you.

How do you choose a therapist?

There are a number of ways an individual might find a therapist.  Searching online will undoubtedly present a number of viable options. Referrals from medical professionals or friends are often useful when beginning a search for the right therapist.

While there are many factors you may want to consider, such as convenience, education, approach, etc., the most important consideration is how comfortable you feel with your therapist.  Following your instincts might be the most helpful tool in finding the right fit for you.

Talk to a therapist.

Your registered psychotherapist is committed to helping you work through your challenges.

You will have the opportunity and space to address your anxiety, depression, grief & loss, and mindfulness needs.

In a safe & supportive space.

Therapy offers you the opportunity to work through a number of problems you may be experiencing.

You will be provided with a safe and compassionate environment as you heal and grow.


With flexible appointment times.

Schedule an appointment by calling

(647)464-2091.  Alternatively, schedule online here

Sliding scale rates and flexible appointment times are available.

*Please ask if available times do not fit your schedule.