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Stress & Anxiety

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When one is experiencing anxiety, one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours can feel out of control and out of balance. Anxiety can have crippling effects on the individual and may interfere with many areas of day to day life, including job performance and relationships. When anxiety is left unaddressed, it may lead to more severe emotional and physical issues. Having access to tools and techniques which help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety can help to significantly reduce stress levels and increase overall mental and physical wellness. 

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Grief, Loss, and Bereavement

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Grief is a natural response to any loss or significant change. Throughout the span of an individuals life, some of these losses may be more painful and difficult to manage than others. Grief, of any kind, can involve complicated emotions which need to be explored and moved through in order to allow the person to integrate the old with the new. When Grief and Loss become overwhelming, it is important to tend to these feelings with the support of trusted friends and professionals


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There are a number of reasons an individual may suffer from feelings of sadness or depression. Some of these circumstances are temporary and will pass on their own. Sometimes, however, low moods and depressive thoughts and feelings become problematic as they present significant challenges in a person’s life and interfere with their ability to function. Finding the right support from friends, family, and professionals can be crucial in overcoming depressive episodes.


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Mindful awareness of thoughts, emotions, and experiences can be an effective approach to working through challenging circumstances. Learning practical tools and personal applications of these strategies in daily life can be integral in finding and maintaining internal balance.

Teacher Wellness

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Every given day a teacher is responsible for the academic, social, emotional, and physical development and well-being of their students. In addition, administrative and extra curricular responsibilities are necessary components of ensuring students receive the very best education possible. When the expectations and pressures of such an important job weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of dedicated educators, personal support can be a useful and beneficial resource to maintain balance and reduce the risk of burn-out.

Youth Support

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For a number of reasons, developing years can be a difficult time for many young people. Bullying, body image, peer groups, academics, emotional and physical changes, family issues, sexual identity,  are just some examples of the challenges young people today might be experiencing.  While parents, teachers, and friends all serve key functions in a youth’s development,  access to professional support can offer the young person a safe space to explore confusing or difficult thoughts and feelings.

Mental Health During Covid-19

Adapting to the ‘new normal’ over the last few months has drained the internal resources of so many.  Schedules we have adhered to have been completely broken, habits changed, and relationships of all kinds have changed from friendly and warm to fearful and...
Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Help Overcoming Anxiety and Depression Your therapist will work alongside you as you explore underlying factors relating to anxiety or depression.  Work with a trusted professional to find strategies to help you discover a greater sense of well being.Receive...

Teacher Wellness

Teacher Wellness

At North York Counselling Services our team truly values educators and understands the day to day challenges of the crucial profession. Our professionals work to promote emotional wellness for teachers and create overall balance within the classroom.

Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

Help Overcoming the Trauma and Pain of Loss At North York Counselling Services your therapist understands the complicated nature of loss.  Find support as you process through the pain of a difficult transition or loss of a loved one.  Grief and Loss are present...

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